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Wellness Centre


Nestled within a small town of 1,700 people, Knollcrest Lodge in Milverton has changed considerably since it was first built in 1972. Its expansion to become “more than just a long term care home” began in 1990 when Community Outreach Service was added. Since then, Knollcrest Lodge has grown to become a vital pillar of support for the community.

Knollcrest Lodge Board of Directors vision is ingrained into the organization to look after the health and well-being of the community as well as the residents.  With their leadership the organization has remained open minded and approachable around expanding and offering new services on site and beyond to serve the community.

  • Milverton and District Medical Clinic
  • Countryside Midwifery
  • Physiotherapy Alliance
  • Perth District Health unit – Healthy Smiles Ontario (dental for children), Mother and Young child clinic and drop off for water testing
  • Life Labs
  • Community Care Access Centre – drop off nursing supplies
  • Stirling Kenny law office
  • Listen Up hearing
  • Bra Fitting clinic